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If you are the owner of a domain name, its very important that you keep the domain name record up-to-date. Here are some tips:


  • IMPORTANT: Make sure the email address of the administrative contact is correct and working.

    The Domain Name Registrar will only permit changes to be made to the domain record by the administrative contact.
    Often they will email authorization requests to  administrative contact email address.
    Also renewal notices will go to administrative contact email address.

    Note: If you don't renew your domain because you didn't know it was about to expire you may end up with a non-functioning web site. In worse case, someone else can grab your domain soon after it expires!

  • Make sure the email address of the billing contact is exists and correct.

    Some registrars will email renewal notices to the billing contact.

  • Make sure the postal address of the administrative and billing contact are exists and correct.

    Some registrars will postal mail invoices and renewals to that address.

  • Make sure the Registrant information is up-to-date.

    The "Registrant" is the legal owner of the domain. Under extreme circumstances if the administrative contact cannot respond, its possible to get domain record changes made via fax on company letterhead. The address on the letterhead must match exactly the "Registrant" in the domain record. Also in some legal disputes the Registrant will be considered the owner of the domain name.

  • Check the expiration date of the domain

    Make sure your domain registration doesn't expire. An expired domain is a non-functioning domain - it means your web address (website) will not work, and any emails sent to that address (i.e. [email protected]) will not work. Furthermore, expired domains eventually will become available for other parties to register.

    It would be a good idea to renew your domain name registration at least 2 months prior to the expiration. 2 months will give you enough time to handle unforeseen problems, including updating your domain record for any address or email changes. If you wait till the last minute to renew you risk down-time on your site and all other related services such as email, ftp, and so on.

    Normally you can Register or Renew your Domain Name upto 10 years unless otherwise specified by Domain Registry.

    Renewals can usually be done on the web site of the Registrar.

  • If you have booked your domain name with Securiace Technologies, then you can easily manage all your Domain Names once you logon to Client Area.

    You can Update your Domain Name Record information anytime from Client Area > Domains > My Domains

    You can Renew your Domain Name anytime from Client Area > Domains > Renew Domains


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