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Executive Summary of Emailing Limits:

Our emailing policy sets certain limits on how many messages can be sent to ensure responsible use and prevent spam. Here are the key points:

  1. Per Email Address Limit: Each email address can send up to 8,000 messages in a single day (24 hours). This means if you're using one email account, you can send out a maximum of 8,000 emails within one day.

  2. Total Recipients Per Day: You can send emails to a maximum of 10,000 different recipients in one day. This is the total count of all the individual email addresses that receive emails from you, across all emails sent.

  3. Unique Recipients Per Day: You can send emails to up to 2,000 unique recipients per day. This refers to distinct email addresses, ensuring that a wider range of people can be reached rather than repeatedly messaging the same individuals.


  • Example 1: If you have a promotional email that you send to 4,000 recipients in the morning and want to send another batch in the evening, you can send it to another 4,000 recipients (same or different) without exceeding the per-email-address limit of 8,000 messages in a day.

  • Example 2: Suppose you send out a newsletter in the morning to 1,500 people and a promotional email in the afternoon to another 1,500 different people. Later, you decide to send an update email to 1,000 of these recipients from the morning. This would be within your daily limit of 10,000 total recipients and 2,000 unique recipients.

This structure helps maintain the effectiveness of our email communications and ensures compliance with best practices in email management.

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