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Before you can have an account created in WHM, you will need to create a package.

Once logged into WHM, go to Add a Package under Packages.

Give a name to the package in the blank for New Package Name.


Quota (MB): This will be the disk space available for any account set up using this package.

Bandwidth (MB): This will be the bandwidth available for accounts using this package.

Max FTP Accounts: The number of FTP accounts that can be created in the account’s cPanel.

Max Email Accounts: The number of email addresses can can be created in cPanel.

Max Email Lists: The number of email lists that can be created in cPanel.

Max Databases: The number of databases that can be created in cPanel.

Max Subdomains: The number of subdomains (ie: that can be created in cPanel.

Max Parked Domains: The number of parked domains that can be set up in cPanel.

Max Addon Domains: The number of additional domains/sites the cPanel can host.


Dedicated IP: Only check this if you want accounts being set up with this package to automatically have a Dedicated IP assigned to them.

Select Options: You can check or uncheck the options for Shell AccessFrontpage Extensions andCGI Access, depending on what you want the accounts to have access to.

cPanel Theme: The default cPanel theme that is set for this account when created with this package.

Feature List: If you ever set up a custom Feature List, you select it here.

Locale: The language that the cPanel will be using.

When done, click on Add.

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