Page Speed Optimization

Let us turn your slow site into a high speed sales machine

Standard Package

Full website backup
We'll run a complete backup of your site before performing any work.
Deep performance scan
We'll run an in-depth site speed, database, plugin and ecommerce scan.
Ninja site optimizations
- Core WordPress optimizations
- CSS & JavaScript minification & merging
- Minify HTML
- Prioritize visible content
- Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content
- Remove query strings from styles & scripts
- Move scripts to the footer
- Google fonts merging and optimization
- Enable site caching
- Enable CDN (Sold separately)
+ Database optimizations
+ Optimize plugins
+ Remove duplicate scripts and styles
+ Remove unused scripts and styles
+ Junk file clean up
+ Web font optimization
+ Reduce server response time
+ Enable GZIP compression (If supported)
+ WooCommerce optimizations (If applicable)
Hardcore image optimizations
We'll perform maximum strength image compression and optimization of all images and serve WebP images where applicable (if supported).
Testing & QA
We'll test your site to ensure our optimizations don't affect any functionality of your site.
Before & after report
Before and after breakdown with summary of work completed and future suggestions for optimization.