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If you run a database driven website, it is important to backup your databases very frequently. You can generate a full back up to do this as well but sometimes it may not be unnecessary to backup everything, just to backup your databases. To just backup the databases please do the following:

1. Click Backups
2. Under Download a MySQL Database Backup click the name of the database for which you wish you would like to back up.
3. Click save as
4. Select a destination for where you would like the back up to locally be saved to.

If you have ever made a boo-boo with a database, you can always restore the database very easy and quick. To restore a database, please do the following:

1. Click Backups
2. Click the Browse button next to the option which says “Restore a MySQL Database”
3. Select the SQL file for which you would like restored.
4. Click the open button and click the upload button

This will now upload the mysql file which you can see in the “MySQL Databases” section in cPanel. You can also make changes to it in PHPMyAdmin.

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