How to set the catch-all e-mail address in cPanel? Print

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Be careful when you set up a default address due to possibly becoming a victim of spam. A default address allows all unrouted email to be sent to a particular email address, rather than bouncing. To set up a catch-all e-mail address please do the following:

1. Click Mail
2. Click “Default Address
3. Click Set Default Address
4. In the drop down menu to the right of “Send all unrouted e-mail for:” select the domain name for which you would like the email for which is sent to a non active email account to goto.
5. In the box to the right of “to:” provide the email address for which you would like all unrouted email to be sent to.
6. You may also enter :blackhole: or :fail: if you would like the emails to not goto any email address
7. Please be aware , by have all unrouted email goto an email box, you might reiceve a large amount of unwanted emails or see that your email box will get bigger.

You have just created a catch-all e-mail address.

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