How to create a user for a MySQL Database in cPanel? Print

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When ever you have any type of MySQL database, you will need to assign a user to be able to access the database. If you would like to create a user and give them access to the database, please do the following:

1. Click MySQL Databases
2. Scroll down until you see the Current Users section
5. under this section and to the right of “User name:” ,please provide a user name for a database
6. Please note that that full database user will be “cpaneluser_databaseuser
7. To the right of “Password:” Please type the password for which you would like to create for this database user.
8. Click Create User

You have now created a database user. You now need to give the user privilages for your specified database

1. In the drop down menu to the right of “User:” Please sect the user for which you would like give privileges to.
2. To the right of “Database:” please select a database for which you would like the user to have privileges to.
3. Under privileges please choose what type of privileges you would like the user to have.
4. Click “Add User To Database” Button You have now created a new database with a privileged user. You can now input the information into a php script or another script to access it locally

You have now just gave a user permissions to a database.

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